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I’ve been thinking a lot about mobile learning lately. mLearning is here and getting bigger. As I’ve been reading various blogs I’ve come across some articles that might interest you.

Understanding Mobile Learning (Rapid Intake Shout Out)
His article focuses on 3 common questions:

  • How do I make sure that the learning content works on all of the different devices out there?
  • How will learners access the mobile course content? Do I have to load it locally on the smartphone or tablet or is there some easier way?
  • How do I track learner results to the Learning Management System (LMS)?

Why and What is HTML 5? (Rapid Intake Shout Out)
So what is HTML 5 and why should I care?

Rapid Prototyping 1, 2, 3 (Upside Learning Blog)
Great ideas around how the traditional storyboard won’t work for mLearning design.

mLearning Conferences
Here are some conferences where you can go meet some mLearning vendors.

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