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The Twill Theme Will Make Your Camtasia Content Shine

Using video for eLearning is no new idea. But making nice looking videos for eLearning, that can be hard to come by. Luckily TechSmith’s Camtasia is here to help you quickly and easily make eLearning videos that look great! With the combination of behaviors and pre-built animations, you can get some serious whiz-bang for your buck!

What you may not already know is that eLearning Brothers has loads of templates that are ready to be placed into your Camtasia project TODAY! Let’s take a look at one of those fantastic templates. Allow me to introduce you to the Twill Theme.

As with all of our theme templates you’ll see several different types of designs in this theme: Title, Overlays, Layouts, Callouts, and Transitions. The Title template in this theme is simple and elegant with a slight motion in the green background.


Both of the overlay files, a lower third and a half, are equally elegant yet can be quite strong when placed on top of your content. In this example, I placed the lower third over the top of a Camtasia library asset called “floatingboxes” that can be found inside the default Camtasia library. In this case the lower third nicely compliments the visual on the screen, but if I needed to change any part of it to help it better match, that is easily done.

Layouts are super useful to convey objectives, review points, or other information on the screen throughout your project. The Twill layouts come with their own backgrounds in many cases to help them stick out. You can replace those backgrounds, or reduce their opacity as I did in the example below to better meet your needs or desires.

Layouts can be edited to have more or less bullet points as well, using the source files inside of the Camtasia video editor.

Some Layouts are designed so that you can put large amounts of information on them, or even images if you wish. This is the case with the layout pictured above.

We understand that sometimes you just need a little pop-up, or something that’s been cleverly designed for you to do with as you will. That is precisely why we give you several callouts to pick from in each theme. You’ll also find a transition in the theme that you can use to move from point to point, or however you’d like.

Download the Twill theme from our Template Library today and start rocking!


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