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Lectora 16

Today is the long-awaited day that we have been anticipating. Trivantis has finally released the latest update to their eLearning desktop publishing software, Lectora Inspire. Lectora 16 brings the new Responsive Course Design (RCD) features currently being enjoyed by Lectora Online users.


This includes:

  • Responsive support for the 5 main different orientations:
    • Computer Screens
    • Tablets (both portrait and landscape)
    • Smartphones (both portrait and landscape)
  • RCD Override to customize each different view size
  • RCD Inheritance: what you adjust in the desktop view trickles down to tablets, then phones
    • You can also override RCD Inheritance to keep objects or text locked even if you change it in another orientation
  • New triggers, actions, and conditions based on responsive orientation

For more information and additional details on the Responsive Course Design feature, check out this RCD Quick Start Guide.

Lectora Inspire 16 comes with all sorts of additional features and improvements beyond responsive design. Some of these include:

  • Inline variable replacement, using the Variable drop-down list
  • New custom progress bar actions
  • Status condition relationships
  • And more!

For a full list of what’s new in Lectora 16, visit the product information page here. Don’t forget that when you buy the Lectora Inspire Suite, you’ll get access to all of our Lectora templates, Cutout People, and the Interaction Builder included with that purchase!

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