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Lectora Online 3

Over the weekend, our partners and friends over at Trivantis released version 3 of their online rapid authoring tool, Lectora Online. The biggest, new feature for the tool is the Responsive Course Design (RCD). With RCD, you can design and build a Lectora project for viewing on your audience’s primary device. Lectora Online will automatically rescale objects to fit on other devices. You can even make manual adjustments to any object to further ensure your title looks and functions perfectly on all devices. RCD comes with a lot of great features, including:

  • Convert Existing Titles to RCD
  • Auto-Fit Mobile Devices
  • Responsive Title Themes
  • Responsive Page Layouts
  • Cross-Device Object Moving and Resizing
  • Device Rotation Triggers and CurrentView Variables
  • Enhanced Preview in Browser

To see the full list of new features for Lectora Online or to read more about each one, visit the Trivantis website. Don’t forget to sign up for their webinar highlighting these new features! To see the templates that we’ve made compatible with Lectora Online 3 and RCD, visit our Template Library.

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