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Our Template library has some real gems nestled within its heart. Today we’d like to showcase our most downloaded Adobe Captivate game templates of 2015 by highlighting 5 of the most crowd-pleasing Captivate gams in our library.

1. Trivia


See demo here

Simple and elegant, this is your basic quiz-style game template. Add up to 20 questions, whether they be multiple choice, multiple answer, or true/false. Responsively designed and SCORM compliant, this template holds the spot of our most commonly downloaded Captivate game. Most importantly? It’s a part of our Free Library subscription!

2. Questi0ns


See demo here.

Similar to Trivia, this template adds a time limit to the mix. It’s a race against the clock to answer as many questions correctly as you can. Think you have the stamina?

3. Gameshow


See demo here.

We’ve featured this “Jeopardy” style game before, but its popularity warrants its inclusion here. Choose a category and point value and answer the corresponding question. If you answer correctly, you get those points! A classic and familiar game that learners are sure to love.

4. Level Up


See demo here.

A question-answer styled game with a ticking timer. But this time, you’ve got three lifelines! With up to 20 questions, you’ll have just a few chances to ask for hints, so use them wisely.

5. Delivery Challenge


See demo here.

You’ve got deliveries to make, pal! While you’re out on the town delivering packages, you’ll need to answer some questions at each stop. Complete your route and you’re home free!

Each of these Adobe Captivate games are, as always, 100% customizable. Change colors, text, designs, or even add your company’s logo to help the template fit your specific brand.

Get started with a free account, or subscribe for even more!

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