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Top 10 Camtasia Intros of 2016

The year 2016 brought quite a few exciting things to us in the Camtasia and eLearning Brothers worlds. We saw the release of Camtasia 9, which included several eLearning Brothers assets in its library. We saw the unveiling of the new eLearning Brothers Member Library, allowing subscribers to upload/download their own creations and share them with the community. We also have seen some very cool templates enter the Camtasia library this year, and some of them have become quite popular.

The most commonly used template pieces are the Camtasia intros. These fit perfectly into an eLearning course, as well as the beginning of any Camtasia production. Many of them are part of a full theme set and are available for download today. So without further ado, let’s count down together to the most popular Camtasia Introduction of 2016.

#10 Safari

With a giraffe like pattern and a tribal pattern of dots, this introduction will bring out your inner savana. Place this on top of your video, and you’ll have a nice supplement to your opening scenes. You can also find a full matching theme for this introduction.


#9 Bubblegum

A fun and chewable combination of pinks makes this introduction delicious. Great for quick implementation, this introduction enters and exits quickly and simply over the top of your video. The full theme is also available.


#8 Vintage Circus

Memories of the excitement and smells of the circus flood the mind when this introduction template is used. With a muted orange and red color scheme, this full-screen template can fit in front of almost any production. The full theme is also available. 


#7 RetroFit

Another full-screen introduction, this template features an antique telephone, calmly rotating circles and moving lines, as well as a quiet floating set of dust specs. The full theme is also available.


#6 Clean Green

You can almost smell the grassy goodness coming from this template. Filling the screen with a leafy pattern, this introduction template has slowly moving and subtle boxes quietly outlining a prominent title. The full theme is also available.


#5 Blur

Most people are entranced by fire, and your viewers will be too when you use this introduction template. With yellow and orange sparks floating up from a yellow ground up to the black sky, you’re sure to enjoy this full-screen template. It is part of a full theme as well.


#4 Dark Grid

With a slightly ominous feel to it, the dark grid introduction fills the left half of the screen, with the title text fading in the lower right side. Perfect for supplementing a dark or muted video, you can grab this intro along with it’s entire theme.


#3 Stone

Coming into our top three introductions, it is no surprise that Stone has become a favorite to many. With a calm and conservative color scheme, this introduction is easily customizable to look great on any production you may be creating. Replace the business woman image with whatever you like, adjust the title and subtitle text, and you’re ready to place this introduction on top of your opening video. As would be expected, the full theme is quite popular as well.


#2 Clouds

If you’re looking for a low-impact title, then the clouds introduction is the template for you. Perfect for the eLearning course, not only can you place a title in this template, but there is also ample space for course introduction text. Place this over any video you wish, and your head will be in the clouds. A full corresponding theme is available for you to make an entire video course.


#1 Circle

The only introduction to be a stand alone template with no theme available to support it is the circle template. Covering the full screen, this visually explosive and active intro is our most popular Camtasia introduction file.


This is only ten of the forty seven Camtasia introduction files available in our library and a mere fraction of our template library which contains over 300 Camtasia template files. What have been your favorite Camtasia templates? What would you like to see come in 2017? Let us know in the comments and have a great year!

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