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Articulate Storyline games are a huge part of our Template Library subscription. We’ve been crunching the numbers and found that over the past year, ten game templates in particular were being downloaded more than the other Storyline games. These are our golden geese, our magic beans, our good luck charms, and the fan favorites. They are glorious examples to hold up of what a template should look like, and they are the best of the best of our Storyline games.

Without further ado, may we present to you our ten most downloaded Articulate Storyline game templates.

1. GameShow


This is a brilliant quiz game in the style of the popular gameshow Jeopardy. Simply pick a subject and a value and earn points to stay in the game.

2. Categories


Categories has a similar gameplay to the GameShow template, but has some key design differences. Whereas GameShow exudes a certain level of class, Categories is more exuberant and playful with bright colors and friendly graphics.

3. Delivery Challenge


Deliver packages all over town. At each stop, you’ll be asked a question. Answer correctly or get sent packing.

4. Big Business Challenge

big business challenge

Similar to Delivery Challenge, Big Business takes you around town to interview at various businesses. Think fast and answer each question correctly.

5. Trivia


A good old-fashioned quiz game. No frills, no fuss. Just trivia.

6. Millionaire


Another straightforward quiz game with inspiration from the classic “Who Wants to be a Millionaire” gameshow.

7. Popular Choice

186687  Popular Choice  Storyline Game

This “Family Feud” variant is a great way to pretest a learner or get them warmed up. Knowing a survey has been conducted on the question at hand, learners are given a set amount of time to bust out as many answers they can think of. If one of the learner’s answers was said by at least one of the people surveyed, they will get a point for every person who gave the same answer.

8. Race for Treasure

race for the treasure

Avast! Each correct answer moves ye across the map and you’re one step closer to the treasure. It’s a swashbuckling good time! Arrgh!

9. Home Run

home run

Heads up! There’s a question on the pitcher’s mound! Answer the question correctly and it’s a home run. Answer incorrectly and feel the shame of a strike.

10. Balloon Pop

balloon pop

Welcome to the state fair! Several balloons hang upon the wall ready for your dart. Each balloon popped comes with a question. Step right up and see what you’ve got!

For more Articulate Storyline templates, check our template library.

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