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Awhile back I ran into a company called Forio and was able to sit down and see a demo. Their tool could really help my fellow eLearning developers so I thought I’d share.

Their free tool is called Forio Simulate and it lets you quickly build web-based business simulations. What is really neat is that you can build Excel spreadsheets with various equations and then use that in their tool. Add an interface to it and use the calculations in your simulation. They also have a bunch of pre-build actions that you can drag and drop. (Or just use another simulation that someone else built and then modify it.)

He showed me a simulation where a user owns a car rental store and can adjust their weekly and weekend pricing for multiple locations. It then automatically shows what that did to sales and how their market share changed in comparison to the competition. It also built a balance sheet and income statement.

If you need to build any simulations where users need to crunch numbers, I’d take a look at Forio Simulate.

(They also have pre-built business simulations for operations, product launching, supply chain monitoring, business valuation, and more.)

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