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Audio and narration are great ways to enhance e-Learning. We all know what a difference sound effects make when we watch a great action movie. Without it the movie would be terrible.

All too often we forget that eLearning can also have audio. Not just narration but also sound effects that emphasize and support the text/images/animations.

I met Sound80 for the first time the other day at a conference. They provided a great paper on “Best Practices in eLearning Audio“.

  1. Keep it in focus
  2. Sometimes silence really is golden
  3. Make it real
  4. Not all recordings are created equal
  5. A picture is worth 1000 words.
  6. Author!
  7. Moving beyond narration
  8. Money, Money, Money, MONEY!
  9. Effective effects
  10. Work with the best

Thanks to Sound80 for the information!

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