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Lectora Inspire 16 is a fantastic way to make responsive eLearning courses quickly. Using our Lectora templates can also get you there even faster, especially since each one of them is included in the purchase of Lectora 16! But which ones are the most popular amongst our eLearning Template Library users? We dug as far back as we could and pulled the numbers to find out. Take a look at our list of the Top 10 Lectora Templates and see what you think!

#10 Delivery Challenge Game

delivery challenge

Run around town trying to make all of your deliveries. To get the job done right, you must answer the questions correctly. This template is ready to support up to 20 questions out of the box, with multiple question types supported.

#9 Lectora Skin: Gizmo 2


Sometimes you just want to have the navigation for your course built out for you. Using a player skin will allow you to do just that! This template gives a dark, unobtrusive feel and slides the navigation buttons to the side.

#8 Corporate 02 Course Starter


Course starters are a collection of templates and interactions meant to boost your productivity by making it so much easier for you to build your course. This template has a traditional feel with subdued tans and blues to give a relaxed feeling for your learner.

#7 Linen Course Starter


This course starter gives the finer feel of linen fabric to your content. Our course starter templates give you all of the slide templates you’ll need to just plug in your content and go.

#6 Lectora Skin: Gizmo 1


This is a great standard player skin. The look is very traditional and the navigation is easy to find and utilize. As with all of our templates, it comes with all of the graphic files so you can edit each individual button to your liking.

#5 Corporate 01 Course Starter


Another one of our Corporate course starters shows up on the list here at #5. This particular one combines a great looking skin with a grid-like feel. Dive into these pre-built content slides and interactions and hit the ground running.

#4 Money Image Carousel Interaction

money carousel

This interaction enables you to put your images and text in motion with the look and feel of paper money subtly accenting the background. Your learner can click the arrows on each side to peruse through the information you provide.

#3 GameShow Game


GameShow is one of our most popular templates in general, so it’s no surprise to see it gracing the Top 3 for Lectora. Similar to the tv trivia show, Jeopardy, GameShow lets you set a weighted point value to each question you ask. This is a great method for quizzing multiple different types of content categories, as well!

#2 Popular Choice Game

Popular Choice

Popular Choice is another game show-style template, based on the TV survey game, Family Feud. You can have up to 8 different responses, each with acceptably close answers as you dictate. The template is fully customizable so you can change the number of questions, colors, and point values as needed!

#1 Corporate 03 Course Starter


Lectora users love our course starters! Corporate 03 takes you right into the office with a load of pre-built templates at your disposal.

Each one of these templates is easy to download and implement into your eLearning course. Take a look at this video from Brother Bryce and see how to do it with one of our game templates and we’re sure you’ll agree.

So there you have it! Where did you fare in our Top 10? Did you find a lot of familiar templates? Or maybe you found something new to try out. Let us know in the comments below!

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