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I don’t consider myself much of a gear-head, but occasionally, I will buy a used motorcycle that could use a little attention, fix it up a bit in my garage, and see if I can give it some new life.
My latest project was a 2006 Suzuki Boulevard. When I found the poor machine it had been tweaked, twisted, and neglected.  The brown paint job had faded and become splotchy, the clutch and brake cables were sun-baked, and the already obnoxious ape hangers were bent in what I can only imagine was a bad encounter with a 2×4. It its prime I’m sure the bike was pretty amazing to look at, but it’s prime had long since passed. It was still a great bike, it just needed a little work to be brought up to date.
In case you are wondering what this has to do with eLearning, I’ll tell you. As I was working on the bike, I actually thought, “You know, a lot of courses out there are just like this sweet hog. Somebody spent a lot of time building this thing to make it work really well, and even gave it some flare. However, that was 5 to 10 years ago. Styles have changed, and the technology is always improving. It doesn’t mean this is destined for the trash heap, but it does need a little reworking.
First, take a look at your course. Is there information or training that is outdated? Nothing is worse than completing a training, only to have your boss say, “That’s great, but we have changed this, and this, and this.” If you need to update information, this is your first priority.
Second, Is there anything about your course that screams, “I was built last decade”? If so, strip those parts out. Maybe it’s as easy as changing the color scheme, adding a few animations, or reworking that awesome red-text-on-yellow-background title treatment.
Finally, add a little modern flair. With the games, interactions, video clips, etc from eLearning Brothers, this can be done very easily. Make your course something you want to show off. The time invested in polishing up your course will more than pay off.
Have a good story about updating an old eLearning course? Let us here about it in the comments below.

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