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This Fire Safety Course Is Hot


In the United States…

A fire department responds to a fire EVERY 24 SECONDS

One structure fire is reported EVERY 66 SECONDS

One civilian fire injury occurs EVERY 34 MINUTES

One civilian fire death occurs EVERY 2 HOURS AND 35 MINUTES


Remember good ol’ Smokey Bear saying “Only YOU can prevent forest fires!” when you were a kid? Well, you can help prevent fires in your workplace too. Proper fire prevention and fire safety training might mean the difference between minor smoke damage and a major office overhaul—not to mention the possible injuries you could prevent!


Of course, you don’t have to be the fire safety lone ranger. By providing fire safety training to your entire team, you can rest assured that your workplace and your workers are safe and prepared to deal with fire emergencies.


eLearning Brothers Customizable Courseware Safety Training is here to help save the day!


We have an entire library of safety training courses—including one for fire prevention and safety. These courses are unlike any other off-the-shelf courseware you may have purchased in the past.


Why’s that? You get ALL the source files we used to create the course. That means you can customize it to fit your organization’s exact needs. Change out the colors for your company’s logo and branding, tweak the copy to reflect your site-specific hazardous situations, change the cutout people to better represent your company demographics, the list of possible customizations goes on and on.


Let’s take a look at our Fire Prevention and Safety Customizable Courseware module.


There are many causes of workplace fires. As always, prevention is the best defense, so it’s important to recognize potential fire-causing issues. eLearning Brothers Fire Prevention and Safety training covers causes of fire, how to prevent it, fire evacuation, and what to do if fire injury occurs.


fire safety causes


Each Customizable Courseware module includes interactive scenarios, knowledge checks, and more—all customizable!


fire safety check


This training is flying hot off the shelves! Customizable Courseware Fire Safety Training includes:

Online & Classroom Versions
You decide how to deliver: Online, ILT, Blended—it’s the best of all worlds!

All the Source Files Included
Easy customization with natively-built files in your favorite authoring tools.

Rockstar Content & Design
Genius subject matter experts + rockstar developers = AWESOMENESS.


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