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common craft libraryThe Common Craft Library has been discontinued. Please check out our other eLearning Template Libraries for awesome templates, video themes, and stock graphics.

I recently saw a post on Facebook about how a writer had an amazing story idea before they went to sleep. As soon as they got into the shower the next morning, they fleshed out the story. It was on the way to being the next Great American Novel. When they sat down at to type out the story, they had four words in their head: Once upon a time.

It’s the same way for me when it comes to visuals. I might have an outstanding idea for an illustration that would beautifully explain a concept in an eLearning course. In my mind, I see it as clearly as if it were printed on a page. But then when it’s time to make that illustration? I’m left with a stick figure, a ream of paper balls in my recycling box, and I’m woefully behind on my deadline.

That’s why I think the Common Craft library is so helpful. It makes our job easier. It would take me years to create the illustrations that you get with your eLearning Brothers subscription. Rather than wasting time attempting to create engaging, consistent and designer-quality images, eLearning creators can use what’s available in the Common Craft library to build out a visual style that makes their courses stand out from the rest.

What’s even better? Included with the subscription are videos on a variety of topics that subscribers can deliver via their learning management system (LMS). Each off-the-shelf video addresses what learners need to know in a fun, creative way.

Imagine this scenario: employees in your organization are posting to social media during work hours. They’re also falling for phishing scams that arrive in their work email inboxes; people keep track of passwords by using sticky notes taped to their monitor, and they’re clueless about privacy online. The IT director is irate—her network is vulnerable, and her job is at stake.

Her problem quickly becomes your problem: she wants four online training modules in the next two weeks. You fear that you’re going to get very little sleep in the next 14 days, but then you remember the Common Craft videos. You check the library and find four videos that might be just what you need to get this program off the ground:

  • Social Media and the Workplace
  • Privacy Online
  • Phishing Scams
  • Secure Passwords

Rather than wasting hours attempting to create engaging, consistent and designer-quality videos, you decide to use what’s available in the library to build out the courses.

Thanks to the Common Craft library, not only did you make your job easier and save yourself time, but you also completed the project feeling confident that you’ve helped address an organizational need by delivering quality content.

And, to top it all off? You played a small part in helping that IT director keep her job. Now that’s a scenario we can all enjoy.

LizSheffieldBioLiz Sheffield is a freelance writer with a background in training and development. She specializes in writing about everything related to the human side of business. You can contact her via LinkedIn or Twitter.

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