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Hello friends! Once again, your bleary-eyed annual reports team has descended from the observation tower to share our take on the year’s most transformative template trends. From our library, the 14 following eLearning template downloads caught our collective eyes with their staying power, quick adoption, widespread appeal, massive numbers of downloads, and just plain awesomeness. Here are the 14 eLearning template trends of 2014:

1. Big Business eLearning Game Template

eLearning Game Template

Debuting in 2014, this interactive eLearning Game encourages learners to conquer the city using their newfound knowledge. Upon its release, Big Business game quickly crossed the seven seas into Nigeria, Qatar, Peru, Australia, Slovenia, Spain and many other hinterlands, comprising 42 countries,  As authoring tools evolved during the year, we followed suit, optimizing for mobile technologies and version upgrades.

2. Circle Graphic Interaction Template

Interaction Template

Also new in 2014, the circle graphic interaction template provides designers and developers a way to organize and present information in an engaging, interactive format. Users in the UK, South Africa, and Australia flocked to this tool, as did their peers from 49 other countries.

3. Beat the Banker eLearning Game Template

eLearning Game Template

Out in mid-2013, this eLearning Game has since been updated in multiple authoring tools and was optimized for mobile in late 2014.  It has been popular with our finance clients, especially in  Russia, Turkey, Chile, and others, totaling 60 lands.

4. Comic Course Starter Template

Course Starter Template

Our first batch of course starter templates showed up in 2014, and have helped our users quickly start or finish courses on which they were previously stuck. Among the various designs, the comic theme has stood out as a popular choice.  (How many designers on your team turn to comic books for design inspiration?) Based on downloads, we are guessing Canadians LOVE their comics, as do the French, Honduran, Indian and other designers of the world.

5. World Race eLearning Game Template

eLearning Game Template

One of our original staples when Flash and XML dominated (yeah, back then), this eLearning Game Template remains a consistent choice and continues to receive updates in our various native authoring tools, include mobile optimization in late 2014.

Basically popular everywhere cricket and rugby is played, users are brewing tea, customizing their templates, sending their learners on a jolly adventure.

6. PowerPoint Layout Template

PowerPoint Layout Template

Still using eLearning PowerPoint Templates? So are we. Demand has remained consistent over the years, with users being particularly attracted to the variety of page layouts that make simple work of arranging a presentation with a cohesive design.

This particular page layout features a model that many, including several of us believes Brother Shawn is wearing a wig. But it’s not… Brother Shawn or a wig. Sorry to disappoint the good folks from 90+ countries who are using our Power Point assets.

7. eLearning Player Skin Template

eLearning Player Skin Template

Elearning Player Skins are a different animal to create in each authoring tool, but we have made it a point to continually expand your options. The Edgy Player design, pictured above, was frequently downloaded in 2014. As opposed to the popular Gizmo theme, which was the winner in 2013.

8. Lobby: Interactive Scenario Template

Scenario Template

Designers and developers are increasingly including eLearning scenarios into their training in order to “better connect” the learning experience with realistic settings. Our scenario templates include three principal layers: interaction code, background images, and characters/props, all of which can be individually swapped out to your preference with other assets from our library or those in your own collection. For some reason, the lobby template as won the blue ribbon in 2014. This scenario is being used in Denmark, Ethiopia, Iran, New Zealand, and 55+ other countries.

9. Delivery Challenge Game Template

Game Template

As with many of our games, we first design and build in one authoring tool, then follow with others.  In 2014, we sequentially rolled out the Delivery Challenge Game Template in multiple tools. This was a favorite for us to demo to our clients because of the ease in explaining how the background can be swapped out and hotspots moved to easily create a customized challenge.

The delivery challenge is currently being used in regions where vehicles drive on the left side, right side, or any available side of the road.

10. Cutout People Images: Jamie

Cutout People Images

With a race that changed leads several times in the final week of 2014, Jamie edged out ahead as the most frequently downloaded Cutout People Images in the library. Cutout people images are far the largest portion of the template library. Here is a fun piece of information, in 2014 we substantially added to the library by including new disabled, athletic, student, children and server categories of our Cutout People Images. Jamie’s image is used all around the word, her passport must have at least 80 international stamps.

11. Cutout People Images: Steve

Cutout People Images

Steve only has 44 international stamps, but he again beat other Cutout People Images for the top spot among males. We have both rapidly growing body of users as well as rapidly growing library of images, and we have notice that images that perform well in any given year tend to perform well over time.

12. Medical Course Starter Template

Course Starter Template

Also, in 2014, we added the premium medical library, with high-resolution body images and medical environment photos. With these assets, we were able to create medical course starters in a number of tools, the most accessed so far being a medical eLearning course starter. Only just introduced in late 2014, this course starter has already made its way into Australia, Canada, Colombia, France, United Arab Emirates, and New Zealand.

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13. Medical Templates: Brain

Medical Templates

Of the various body images available, the brain has drawn the most attention. Whether this indicates advancements in neuroscience or reflects ongoing fascination with the Walking Dead, 2014 was the year of the noggin.

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14. Medical Background Images: Operating Room

Medical Background Images

Also introduced late in 2014, the operating room has also garnered mouse clicks from eLearning designers in the medical field. We highly anticipated the time we could put these images on the market.  Responses have been very positive, with users saving thousands of dollars and retaining the ability to include high-end images in their training.

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So that’s the best eLearning Templates of 2014. What are some of your favorite eLearning Templates? Tell us in the comments below.

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