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eLearning game templates

The stats are in and we have the top eLearning game templates of 2013. After releasing the most popular cutout people images we’ve found our eLearning game templates are THE most downloaded assets in the eLearning Template Library. Whether you use activities, games, quizzes, or interactions, we’re thrilled to see your content being enhanced to engaging eLearning content.

eLearning Game Templates

We are always working on new eLearning game templates. Our overworked development team is constantly adding new activities built in Flash, HTML5, XML, PowerPoint and the market-leading authoring tools to provide increasing variety and new ideas to your toolbox, all catalogued and searchable to make the best fit easy to find. Check out the eLearning Template library. Customers loved eLearning games in 2013, and loved them 3.26x more in Q4 than they did in Q1 (Dr. Phil should take note). Here are the Top 10 Best eLearning Game Templates in 2013:

#1 Gameshow

eLearning Game Templates

#2 Millionaire Challenge

eLearning Game Templates

#3 Wheel Spin

eLearning Game Wheel Spin

#4 World Race

eLearning Game Templates

#5 Trivia

eLearning Game Trivia

#6 Board Game

eLearning Board Game Template

#7 Beat the Banker

eLearning Beat the Banker Game Template

#8 Marathon Challenge

eLearning Game Marathon Challenge

#9 Speedway

eLearning Speedway Game Template

#10 Secret Challenge

eLearning Game Template Secret Mission

Top 10 Best eLearning Game Templates Infographic

eLearning Game Templates

Bonus Points: Bird Hunt

Here is an extra bonus for scrolling down this far. If you haven’t tried Bird Hunt it’s a really fun game. You have to play this eLearning game template at least once.

eLearning Game Bird Hunt

    Also, see my latest post about the Top 10 Most Popular eLearning Cutout People images.

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