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The Safety Course You Need This Fall

Fall is here and with it comes cozy sweaters, pumpkin spice lattes, and…back pain?!

It’s true. Fall, the favorite season of many an Instagram influencer and candy-loving child, is fraught with back-breaking activities like raking leaves, picking pumpkins, and eventually, hanging Christmas lights—AFTER Thanksgiving, of course.

Back pain is the single leading cause of disability worldwide. In the UK alone, 100 million workdays are lost per year due to back-related disabilities. Back pain is bad for your company overall AND your employees!

Luckily, you can help prevent back pain from impeding everyone’s enjoyment of this great season. How? With safety training designed to help your team recognize risk factors for back pain and injury and teach them what steps to take to protect their backs at work and home.

But you’re a busy instructional designer and maybe you don’t have time to develop an entire course around back pain…That’s where eLearning Brothers Customizable Courseware comes in. In our Safety Training library, we have a Back Pain and Injury Prevention course already built and ready for you to deliver! The best part? You get all the source files for the authoring tool of your choice. So if you want to add your company logo, change the colors, update the graphics, add or remove sections, or tweak quiz questions, you can!

Let’s take a look at the back pain course.

There’s a lot of high-level information the learners need to be familiar with to fully understand the causes of back pain and what to do about it. This course does a great job of content chunking and using typographic hierarchy to make the information easier to digest.

back pain back injuries slide


There are also interactive knowledge checks throughout the course to make sure learners are practicing and retaining the content.


back pain spine parts knowledge check

The Back Pain and Injury Prevention Course is packed with useful information and clean, modern graphics. Check it out here.

A few more details about Customizable Courseware in general:

  • Online & Classroom Versions
    • You decide how to deliver: Online, ILT, Blended—it’s the best of all worlds!
  • All the Source Files Included
    • Easy customization with natively-built files in your favorite authoring tools.
  • Rockstar Content & Design
    • Genius subject matter experts + rockstar developers = AWESOMENESS.

This fall, keep your employees—and yourself—safe from back pain! Schedule a free demo to see Customizable Courseware in action or visit us at our DevLearn booth to learn more in person.


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