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The Perfect eLearning Template for Back to School Season

It’s that time of year. You’ve either been dreading it, or counting down to it. It’s back to school for teachers, students, and school staff. Whichever camp you’re in, we have an eLearning template that will get you in the mood for learning—or teaching. It’s called Apple Tree, because an apple a day keeps a teacher happy (and the doctor away)!

apple tree elearning template

The Apple Tree template is a little bit primary color inspired, but with an adult twist to the color palette. While the main color is red, the blue runs more on the teal end of the spectrum and yellow is used as an accent. I love how the colors and style of this template can easily appeal to younger learners, without being too cheesy or young for a professional setting. There’s something really energizing about this color combo.

Apple Tree is part of our new line of eLearning Template Styles. Each Style features 31+ different layouts, interactions, games—all created with the same look so they work cohesively together. When you download these eLearning Template Styles (most available for the tool of your choice), you get:

  • 10 Click to Reveals
  • 6 Drag & Drops
  • 1 Layout (25+ screens)
  • 1 Quiz (7 screens)
  • Various scenarios, timelines, games, and knowledge checks

I like this checkbox knowledge check template. The design of the list reminds me of the wide ruled filler paper we always had to buy for school supplies.

elearning template knowledge check apple tree

These eLearning templates are so easy to update in Storyline. You can change all the text, add images, change the colors, whatever you need. Download Apple Tree or check out our other eLearning Template Styles in the eLearning Brothers Template Library now.

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