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The Paint Has Dried: Take a Tour of Our Edifice of eLearningWell, It’s been a couple of months since we eLearning Folk packed our bags and boxes and whats-its and moved on over to our new domain. In that time, we’ve come to love this space just as much as our last–if not, even more! So many bathrooms!

By now, you probably have gathered that eLearning Brothers doesn’t really do “boring” or “bland”, so we’ve gone ahead and put a splash of our own unique culture on our new digs. Do you want to take a short tour of the place all your favorite eLearning wonders originate? Of course you do, you crazy eLearning Rockstar! Take a gander through the handful of images and get a feel for where we spend our Rockstar-making moments.

If you look closely in the image above you’ll find Andrew Scivally working behind his silhouette.

Here’s a collage of some of the adventures we’ve been on around the world.

Some of our awards. The trophy case really doesn’t lie.


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