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Happy Valentine’s from the eLearning Brothers! This Valentine’s Day we want help not only with great eLearning but with great eLearning pick up lines. Please feel free to add your favorite eLearning pick up lines in the comment section below! Just keep them Momma approved. Enjoy!

eLearning Pick Up Lines Video

(Click here to view on YouTube.)

eLearning Pick Up Lines

– Can I get your digits? Cause this interaction is really working.

– Let’s gameify this relationship!

– You Captivate my heart.

– Want to wear matching bro bands?

– What’s your Storyline?

– If you were words on a page you’d be be fine print.

– We have over 50 models in the eLearning Template Library but you’d be the most downloaded.

– You’re Momma approved.

– Do you know karate? Cause that storyboard is kicking.

– Are your part of the eLearning Template Library? Cause you have awesome written all over you.

– Are you an instructional designer? Because when I saw you the course became visually explosive.

– After they made you, they threw away the template.

– I don’t mean to cause a scenario, but you would you like to meet me at the eLearning Template Library?

– This could be the beginning of a great Storyline.

– If you were an eLearning interaction, you could drag and drop my heart anywhere.

– If 1,000 eLearning developers worked for 1,000 years, they couldn’t design a course as delightful as you!




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