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Nothing! It was just a long week and we wanted to get away and relax 🙂

This weekend Brother Andrew and Sister Sharlynn ran the Dirty Dash 10k race in Soldier Hollow Utah. In its first year in Utah they had 5,000 people participate.

Throughout the race there were various obstacles such as:

  • start by running up a muddy hill
  • huge bails of hay to climb over
  • snow maker to run against
  • tunnels to crawl through
  • walls to scale
  • marsh lands to traverse
  • slippery slides
  • and a huge mud pit/bog to crawl through

The race was TONS of fun and I can’t remember ever being that dirty. At the very end our whole team stood on the top of a dirt hill and belly-flopped or cannon-balled into the huge mud pit. My word of advice … don’t forget to close your eyes and mouth when jumping into a mud pit.



















Now it’s Monday…time to get back to work. I’m sure I have some eLearning to build.

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