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The Curse of Average eLearning Content

Average eLearning Content was hurting inside. A long time ago he was told by his learners he was average.  You see, Average eLearning Content had a dream inside of him. He didn’t want to be average anymore.  He wanted to be Awesome eLearning Content.  He wanted to make a difference. He wanted—more than anything—to change the lives of his learners. He wanted to be more than average.

As he looked out over the eLearning landscape at all of the content that had already been designed, he thought back on his experiences of being designed. He thought he was doing the right thing by being average content. He thought that being average was good enough because all of his friends are average too.

Yet, Average eLearning Content ached inside. He knew he was made for something greater. He knew he had more to offer. And, as he would share his desires with the other average eLearning content, they would challenge whether he could change or not. They would tell him to be happy with being average and not to change. They would even make fun of him when he would talk about his dreams.

Average eLearning Content secretively would hope though. He saw other content that was Awesome eLearning Content, so he knew it was possible. He also noticed that the awesome eLearning content out there seemed happy because they were more engaging, interactive and visually appealing as opposed to feeling bored and “more of the same” like he was.

Average eLearning Content finally decided that he was going to do something about his dream. He decided he was going to talk to the awesome eLearning content that was making a difference. After all, if you want to make a difference, he thought, then you need to think like those that are making a difference.

Awesome eLearning Content was making a difference and changing people’s lives. He was given the title as the “Awesome-est eLearning Content” by his learners. So, Average eLearning Content decided to speak with him about what made him different.

Awesome eLearning Content told Average eLearning Content that he is different because of his designer. “You see,” he said, “Most designers just want to be normal or safe. They’re just doing what they see all of the other designers doing. But, you see, if everybody is normal then they are doing it wrong because normal is average, and average results don’t make a difference and change people’s lives. Average results are just that, average.“

“So,” Average eLearning Content jokingly replied, “I need to find a designer who isn’t normal? Who is abnormal?”

“Yes,” responded Awesome eLearning Content. “If you want to make a difference and change people’s lives then you need to find a designer who is abnormal. A designer that isn’t average, one that wants to be extraordinary. One that is willing to be different and to think differently.”

“And,” said Awesome eLearning Content, “a great designer uses great tools to make us more engaging, interactive and fun.” You see I was some boring content at one time. My designer used eLearning Brothers templates, which took me from Average to Awesome.”

“Wow” thought Average eLearning Content. “That is what I want to be.” Awesome eLearning Content continued, “If you really want to become incredible and have awesome eLearning experiences for your learners then use the eLearning Brothers template Library to help your designer and content become awesome.”



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