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Ragnar is not  a walk in the park. It was tough. Painful for many, but a great bonding and team building experience. That’s probably why Brother Shawn and Brother Andrew (co-founders of the company), decided to do a Ragnar relay team. This meant 12 eLearning Brothers, each running three legs to race against other relay teams. It turned out to be challenging and a great moment for the company. (By the way, if you’ve never heard of Ragnar, we did the Wasatch Back Relay, the Rag-Daddy of all Ragnars.) 

Here’s how it all worked. A 200 mile overnight relay course beginning in Northern Utah in the city of Logan and runs across the back of Utah’s Wasatch Mountains. Every team member has three legs to run. One van is driving to each exchange point to drop off the next runner, while the other six runners are resting in another van. All 12 eLearning Brother team members cross three mountain passes, run beneath the stars throughout the night, and past fields of beautiful summer wildflowers until they finish in Park City, Utah.

The important thing, we finished the running challenge made by our co-founder Brothers in 32 hours 9 minutes and 18 seconds (and not one got hurt). Not bad for a bunch newbies. Now, let me show you a few of the highlights. All our photos can be found on our Facebook Fan Page.

The Start of Ragnar

A big tradition for the runners of Ragnar is decorating your van. Andrew and Shawn did a great job on Van 2. They made the eLearning Brothers proud with their great orange Helvetica font.

IMG_9560Brother Andrew Drawing on the van.

IMG_9570Look how good the eLearning Brothers orange looks on the van.

IMG_9567Yes, don’t forget to paint on the tires.

The Gift Exchange

One thing to consider, since it is a relay, how are you going to exchange or hand off the slap bracelet to your teammate? There is only one way, with a good “that a boy” slap.

IMG_9647This is the correct way to hand off to your teammate. Way to go Brother Shawn.

_CJM6443In this photo, Brother Andrew is obviously more into his music than sprinting like a Gazelle, but notice Brother Dan giving the proper “that a boy” to Brother Andrew. He now will have the motivation to run his leg.

Running in the Beautiful Utah Mountains

The Wasatch mountains were a sight to behold in late June. Here are a few of the great images we caught.

IMG_0632A morning shot by Brother Frazee in van 1.

IMG_9709Brother Curtis gives “Ridiculous Photogenic Guy” a run for his money.

IMG_9638Is this Brother Shawn or “Ridiculous Photogenic Guy?” You decide.

IMG_0614Brother Jared doing some type of mix between karate and yoga. Don’t mess with him (look at the stash).

_CJM6466I’ve said it once and I will say it again, he has the best running form I have ever seen.

_CJM6453Brother Dan just being Dan. Awesome!

The Car Invasion

There may have been a car invasion during the night, all accidental of course. When you sit in someones car, turn the car on, and realize it’s not your car you might get teased for it. This is exactly what happened to Brother Parker (aka me). In my defense, when you have very little sleep all vans look exactly the same. Unfortunately, there were no photos so the truthiness of the matter is still under debate.

To The Bitter End

Like I said earlier, it wasn’t a walk in the park. Each runner had their own unique obstacles to overcome. Heat, rain, mud, chaffing, blisters, and cramps all challenged the eLearning Brothers team. But we pulled together and encouraged each other to get through it. Here are a few of the battle wounds.

_CJM6419Brother Shawn took the pain like a man. Even the moleskin couldn’t stop this blister. OUCH!

IMG_9703Our fearless leader, Brother Andrew rolling out the tight muscles.

IMG_9714You have to stretch and keep loose.

IMG_9743Brother Shawn had one of the toughest inclines. It was a steep one. That didn’t stop him from making friends though.

IMG_9725Here is his new friend as they conquered that mountain together.

IMG_9678This is the, “Serious Face Look” by Brother Curtis.

We Ran, We Finished and We Conquered!

If felt good having all 12 Brothers cross the finish line. We all yelled, “Whoooooo!” Or at least I did. We even got fancy medals to put around our necks. What a great experience!


_CJM6504We ran, we finished, and we conquered! Thanks for the great adventure eLearning Brothers.


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