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We’d like to quickly show you our favorite features of Captivate 8. These new features are seriously worth taking a look at because no one else has these kinds of features in the industry. Adobe has said about this release having “game-changing mobile support” or how it “reimagines responsive eLearning.” We agree, the new features are a game changer for the eLearning Industry. We haven’t seen anything like it. So, because of this great new tool, we think it would be a great to cover the best new features of Captivate 8. Let’s take a look:

#1. Responsive Design with Mobile Learning Support
#2. Out-of-the-Box Assets
#3. GeoLocation Based eLearning

1. Responsive Design with Mobile Learning Support

Of course, if you have been reading the Adobe Captivate blog, you know the big deal this update is for the industry. That is why this new feature is number one on the list. Who else can make beautiful mobile courses? Who else does Responsive Design courses?

What does Responsive Design mean? (This is a common question for a lot of new Captivate 8 users.) Meaning, you can design three different breaking points all in one place, define the dimensions of all three, and design your course for mobile, tablets, or desktop. You even have control over the functions of pinch, zoom, and swipe so your learning can interact with your content like never before.

2. Out-of-the-Box Assets

There are tons of great assets in the new Captivate. Much of it comes loaded with responsive eLearning templates, which are fully customizable. Just think… you could get thousands of cutout people images, drag-and-drop elements, themes, and responsive themes with Captivate. What a time saver! You can brand these template assets too to make them your own, or even brand it to company standards.

cutout people images

The benefit of eLearning assets empowers developer to focus on content rather than taking hours to create cutout people images, doing a photoshoot, or even the dreadful programming.

Click here to learn more about out-of-the-box assets.

3. GeoLocation Based eLearning

GeoLocation is probably one of the most overlooked features in Captivate. However, it has the most amazing capabilities for eLearning. Just imagine… you need to show a worldwide course but need to show different content for each country. Now you can design courses using the GeoLoaction function. For example, a course in the United States would be different than the course in the United Kingdom. It might have different training elements, images, or sounds. Want to go deeper into this topic, just watch the video below:

Using GeoLocation in Adobe Captivate 8

(Click here to view on YouTube.)


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Adobe Captivate 8 Templates

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