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What does it take to build sweet eLearning? The right tools! At eLearningTemplates.com you will find templates and assets to quickly create amazing courses.

Check out these templates:

eLearning PowerPoint Template – The PowerPoint Template allows you to create eLearning courses in record time. The template includes 80+ master slide layouts, 40+ different themes, and 80+ different background files to choose from. Also available is a free online tutorial demonstrating how to update or change master slide themes, colors, and design.

eLearning Flash Games – Several different game styles are available. All templates are super easy to use…just open the Flash (.fla) source files and add your text. All games are packaged with .fla source files including AS2 & AS3 files; and are compatible with Flash 3 or newer. We also provide free online video tutorials for the novice Flash users!

eLearning Activities – There are 20+ different quizzes and interactions to keep your eLearning engaging! All template packages include the .fla source files with AS2 & AS3; and are compatible with Flash 3 or newer. Free online tutorials are also available to help get you started.

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