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storyline quiz templates

No course is finished until the review. What’s the point in learning all those facts and skills if you can’t put your money where your mouth is and actually use them in a measurable way? If you sleep walk your way through a course and didn’t learn anything it’s just a waste of time. For Template Tuesday this week, we’re featuring three interesting quiz templates that you can use to measure your learners’ retention of information.

Whiteboard Quiz

whiteboard quiz

A question is asked as a young woman holds up a whiteboard with a few possible answers in the form of clickable icons. It’s a great way to represent the answer pictorially. A simple vector drawing can stand in for an answer, concept, or category. If another character would work better for your course, we have many other cutout characters holding whiteboards, so mix and match to your heart’s content.

Snap Dragger Quiz


A simple drag-and-drop matching exercise is a good way to build a learner’s vocabulary. Move each tab to the corresponding answer and you’re golden! This dragger template comes in two layouts: tabs going vertically down the side, or horizontally along the top. Find the one that works best for your course.

Progression Quiz

progression quiz

Answer the questions one-by-one and make your way down the line. This template comes standard with a Yes/No answer format, but with a little Storyline know-how, you could adapt it to a multiple choice or any other answer scheme that floats your boat.

These Storyline quiz templates and many others await you in our template library, so have look for yourself. You’re bound to find something that meets your needs, both in substance and style.

Tell us what your favorite quiz template is in the comments below!

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