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eLearning Template Tuesday

This week’s featured template is a versatile Adobe Captivate template, one of our latest additions to the abundant template library. Here, we take a focus on the patient side of things with two medical cutout characters.

One obvious use for this template would be for the medical training. The biggest part of the healthcare industry is interacting with the patient, both physically and verbally. This scenario works well as a lesson in tact and professionalism when speaking to patients. Chances are that the patient isn’t in the best of circumstances–most people visiting a clinic or hospital are there because they have a problem. Though some people can be mean-spirited, it’s generally best practice for doctors, nurses, and other medical staff to treat patients with kindness and understanding, and this template can surely be tuned to fit that message. (As both characters used in this template appear to be patients, it may be advisable to switch one of them out for one of our doctor or nurse characters.)


The template is also workable in other industries. For instance, it could be made to focus on the particulars of your company’s healthcare benefits. The settings and cutout characters lend themselves well to a discussion on what is covered and what is not.


A final suggestion might be to use this template for a first-aid or an emergency preparedness course. Both characters appear to be in different states of rehabilitation, so this can make for a good rundown of the healing process.


Regardless of what you use it for, this template is versatile and customizable. Different characters or environments can be swapped out to change the tone or purpose of your message, and you can even add your own company’s logo and color scheme for more consistent branding.

How would you best utilize this template? Give your suggestion in the comments!

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