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Lectora conv gym

Put on your polyester shorts, stretch your muscles, and get yourself to the gym–it’s time to get in your workout for the day!

For Template Tuesday this week, we’re going to take a look at a Lectora Conversational Scenario: Gym.

Click here to view this template in the library!

Click here to view this template in the library!

A disagreement has broken out between two gym-goers and a constructive solution needs to take place. You’ll have to navigate the twists and turns of this scenario in order to reconcile these two workout buddies.

Lectora conv gym1

This template comes with two athletic cutout characters in multiple poses and a beautifully photographed gymnasium background.  With the source files, you have the access you need to make adjustments to the color scheme, text, characters and any other elements that need tweaking. Branding this beauty to fit your company is easy as pie (not that you’d want to eat that many carbs and sugars before a workout, but you get the point).

Lectora conv gym2

As it stands, this scenario is great for conflict resolution purposes. Try using it to teach important compromise and communication skills in your company training courses.

Lectora conv gym4

What would you teach your learners using this template? Share your ideas in the comments below!

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