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eLearning Template TuesdayOur featured template this week is File Folder, a simple but elegant Lectora branching scenario available with our Template Library Subscription. File Folder is customizable, so feel free to throw your own graphics, fonts, cutout people, and other elements into the mix.

approved rejected

With a classy handwritten font, along with green “Approved” and red “Rejected” rubber stamps on the remediation pages, this template has the pure and straightforward appearance of handwritten office memo. As it stands, it’s perfect for just about any corporate eLearning experience, but you can easily modify the color scheme and even add your company’s logo to give it that personal touch.

A fun idea for making this template your own might be to create a spy or law-enforcement theme. The placeholder image paper clipped to the folder can be swapped out for one of your own images.  Exchange the image for a black-and-white mugshot, and suddenly the file becomes a dossier. You might even black out portions of the text, as if they’ve been redacted.

How would you personalize this template? What subject matters work well with it? Let us know in the comments.

Download this template now:


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