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Captivate Scenarios

One of the great things I remember from my childhood were the fantastic collection of “Choose Your Own Adventure” books. It was always fun to have a choice in the outcome of my sojourning to some castle, ruins, or even the depths of space (even if that outcome often ended in my untimely demise). It’s exciting to be able to relive a little bit of that now—perhaps with a little less of the physical danger previously afforded by the CYOA books—by using scenario templates!

Last week, we added three new Captivate scenarios to the template library, built specifically for use in Adobe Captivate 9. Have a look:


These, as well as the other scenario templates we have, are great opportunities to put your learners in the driver’s seat and really practice what you’ve preached. Each of these new scenario templates comes equipped with both a “2 choices” and “3 choices” option that can be copy/pasted for however many branches you need to make. For example, with some simple Jump to Slide actions, you can create an office-centered adventure with multiple endings based on the choice made on the very first slide.


Here’s a simple chart demonstrating some fun branching you could do.


Alternatively—and perhaps more simply—you can take a more linear approach.  Each choice can yield a specified amount of points based on how appropriate the response may be. At the end of the scenario, if the user accrued enough points, they can continue on to the next concept.  If not, perhaps send them back through the scenario to try it all over again.

However you do it, using these Captivate scenario templates is a great way to introduce some variety and choice into your eLearning courses. Check out all of the templates in our Template Library to see how they can add some adventure to your work!

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