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new template library

Last week we updated our library, so you may notice some interesting new features. Take a look at a few of the changes we’ve made.


Search by library

You’ve probably had the experience of using a site’s built-in search function and being frustrated by how irrelevant your results were. A lack  of specificity is often to blame. That’s why our new search feature allows you to narrow your search results down to the correct section of the site. Instead of putting in a simple query and getting blasted by a Hoover Dam spillway’s worth of information, you can now let us know if your looking for something under our template library, stock assets, cut-out people, or other categories to give you manageable search results that don’t fry your brain.

Search results now shown on one page

Have you ever read one of those click-bait articles on the internet that purport to tell you the “50 best rock bands of all time”, but then each individual band has a paragraph on their own page, so you have to keep clicking “next”, all the while realizing it’s only set up that way because it gives them more page views? We hate that too, so keeping that in mind, we applied a more user-friendly approach to our search results, giving you everything you’re looking for in one place.



New product offerings

We’re very excited to announce a two new products we have launched with this library redesign. We now offer the graphics, cut-outs, and icons of Common Craft who design great looking sketch-style graphics to illustrate just about any concept you can think of. We also have a new batch of images and graphics built especially for PowerPoint. In the following days, we will be talking more in-depth about these but feel free to take a look today.


Homepage now shows newest and most popular assets per library

Frequent users will find a treat on the homepage, introducing them to the latest and greatest of our templates and products. For each  new platform or category we have sample of the  our most recently posted and most popularly used templates .

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