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With every new update and feature that comes to PowerPoint, there is always a slew of questions following close behind. And that has been no different with the new PowerPoint Zoom feature. One of the most asked questions accompanying this feature is, “How do I use PowerPoint Zoom effectively in the classroom?” So without further ado, here are three PowerPoint Zoom techniques that will enhance your Instructor Led Training.

Summary Zoom:

Once you have finished a presentation, it is very important (and dare I say best practice) to summarize the most important topics before ending the presentation. The Summary Zoom technique allows you to do this seamlessly and intuitively. Once selected, Summary Zoom allows you to create section headers by simply selecting slides from a pop-up window. Here you can determine which topics or sets of slides are important to recap. After you have made all of your selections, a Summary Slide will be created. Note that the slide will be created and inserted at the beginning of the presentation, but this can be easily changed by simply clicking and dragging the section to the end of the presentation. On the Summary Slide you will find hyperlinked boxes that lead to each section head that you manually selected. When you click on one of these boxes, Zoom will take you into the slide (quite literally) and showcase all the slides within that section. Once that has been completed, it will bring you back to the Summary Slide where you can either click on another section to visit or simply end the presentation.

Section Zoom:

The Section Zoom technique is very similar to the Summary Zoom technique. The major differences are that you need to have section already created within your presentation to be able to access it and that it does not create a new slide with the hyperlinked boxes on it. It will automatically insert the Zoom Box (I don’t know if that is what they are called but I am going to roll with it) onto the slide you were on when you activated the Section Zoom. This technique is best used at the end of each section as a section recap pathway, meaning that if it is at the end of a section and a student or audience member has a question, you can click on the Section Zoom and go back and talk about specific points in greater detail. The Zoom Box doesn’t need to be big or even detract from the attention of the audience. It can easily be modified to fit any situation and slide layout.

Slide Zoom:

And lastly, we have the Slide Zoom technique. This technique allows you to insert a Zoom Box, onto any slide that links to any singular slide. This is mainly used if you have content on other slides in the presentation that are pertinent to the slide you are linking from.

PowerPoint Zoom is one of the most versatile features that the amazing team at Microsoft has put out recently. And we can easily see by how applicable it is for instructors who are wanting applicational support and for designers who want to spice up their presentations. Let me know how you have used PowerPoint Zoom in your presentations, and stay tuned for next week’s #AskMeMonday feature on Twitter!

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