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The magnifying glass is a classic symbol of detective work. This tool has been used to get down to the bottom of many a mystery throughout the years, and your eLearning need not be an exception! Take a look through the lens at these three PowerPoint Graphics that can help your learners deduce the meaning behind your content.

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This first template operates on the same principle as a timeline. A principle or element travels like a ray of light along the timeline never really seeing much growth. When you introduce a change (or in this case, the lens) the element begins to expand or magnify with time. Once expanded, you can see it more clearly and understand how it works, as you would expect with a magnifying class.

This particular example is parallel to principles you might want to demonstrate in your PowerPoint presentations. I tend to think that this is a great way to explain data that you might be gathering (though there are many types of examples you could use). Your data collection follows a timeline up until a certain point at which you “put it under a microscope.” After doing so, you can start to see that data close up and get a better idea for what it means.

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In particular, I think this example extends really well to a few of the other templates in the library. The screenshot pictured above is a modified version of the template you can find here, where I deleted some of the initial elements going into the lens. In this way, you can talk about how when one stream of data enters the lens, you can see particular elements or trends begin to magnify on the other side of the analysis. In this case, it uses colors to highlight the different trends, but you can always make adjustments to better help the example you’re trying to show. Each of these templates can be custom tailored to your message!

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Sometimes, rather than expanding a thought, you want to bring things into focus. I think many of us can remember the times in our youth when we’d used a magnifying glass to start a campfire. The light enters into one side of the lens and then is concentrated into a smaller, more concise focus on the other end. You can use this imagery to help get your own message across as well! Most processes have multiple parts or players involved, and showing how each of these comes together to achieve one singular goal can be an enlightening experience for your learners!

Excellent, you say? Elementary, really. Our PowerPoint graphics are both versatile and plentiful. Take a look at all of the different types of templates available to you in our PowerPoint Graphics Library today!

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