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We did a little number crunching, survey taking, consulting the powers that be, and we discovered what was the most popular PowerPoint Template Style of 2018! Have a seat, take a deep breath, and emotionally prepare yourself for this reveal.

It wasn’t Shamrock. It wasn’t New Stone.


The Top PowerPoint Template Style of 2018 was…Flat Blue!


Different templates available for PowerPoint in Flat Blue

Above, different templates available for PowerPoint in Flat Blue


Flat Blue stands out with its calming blue shades and clean lines. Flat Blue says to a harried eLearning developer, “It’s okay, I’m here to help you get those 5 projects done on-time and on-budget, even with that crazy deadline they gave you. And the courses will still look great!”  You really can’t go wrong with the Flat Blue PowerPoint template style.


Haven’t tried our PowerPoint Template Styles yet? Here’s the deal:


Each PowerPoint Style features 20 files. For our PowerPoint Styles, the balance of layouts leans more heavily toward data-driven graphs and charts—things that are handy for presentations. However, we also include an icons file, layouts, and scenarios. In true eLearning Brothers fashion, it is SO EASY to edit and customize these templates. These PowerPoint templates also coincide directly with our popular eLearning Template Styles—available for Articulate Storyline, Trivantis Lectora, and Adobe Captivate—which means you can create perfectly styled blended learning programs.


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