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Supplement Your Camtasia Screencast with Scenarios

Building an eLearning course in Camtasia requires a few knowledge basics, including the use of hotspots, a mastery of the timeline, and judicial implementation of the quizzing feature. If you combine these three you can build a strong and independent video learning course.

There are many supplemental tools as well. Some tools, like the eLearning Brothers templates, are designed to help you save time and still look great. Some tools will add pizzaz to your project, and others still are to provide you hard-to-get content. Another tool that may begin as supplemental, but will likely move into your essentials toolbelt, is eLearning Brothers new Camtasia Scenarios.

Scenarios are pre-built simulated conversations built around a color scheme and a few of our cutout people. These can be used to show a conversation at the water cooler, interactions in a lobby, debating in a conference room, or a sale with a customer. The cutout people in the scenarios are in several different positions, and easily editable to meet your needs. If you don’t like the pre-built characters in the scenario, you can switch them out with any person from our enormous Cutout People Library.

How do these fit into your screencast, you ask?

If you are teaching how to correctly walk through the clicking process for a sale, you can now include the verbal conversation and interaction with the customer using a scenario. Show what to click when a client asks for a certain discount, or what your response should be if the computer gives you a certain prompt.

Camtasia Screencast with Scenarios

Many of our scenarios also include multiple choice options to allow you to test the viewers understanding. If your customer asks you this particular question, which of these actions should you take? This allows your viewer to become a part of the discussion and to experience multiple solutions with this branching feature.

Camtasia Screencast with Scenarios - customer asks a question

Using the new eLearning Brothers Scenarios to create a branching timeline makes your course truly interactive, and will increase the attentiveness of your audience.

Scenarios can also be utilized without their native backgrounds. Remove the background, and you can now use the characters and branching options to jump on and off screen right on top of your screencast to offer help, ask questions, or allow the viewer to choose to view the module again.

Your screencast will be given new life with the creative use of eLearning Brothers scenarios. The library is large, and with all the customizable options, you are open to be as creative as you wish.

Supplement Your Camtasia Screencast with Scenarios - large library available

Making your eLearning course interactive with scenarios will also improve the aesthetics and usability of your modules. Using TechSmith’s Camtasia to orchestrate a well-rounded eLearning toolbox will surely help you stand out as a great course developer.

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