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We have over 100,000 cutout character images in the eLearning Brothers Cutout People Library. With that many characters to choose from, I admit that sometimes I have trouble choosing a cutout person to use. After all, I’m the sort of person who experiences decision paralysis picking out an outfit each day—should I wear this pair of dark skinny jeans or that pair of dark skinny jeans and which of my 20 sweaters from Loft???—and my closet has significantly fewer than 100,000 items to choose from.

This is the sort of situation where the eLearning Brothers Cutout Silhouettes come in handy. If you’re having trouble picking a specific cutout person, just use a silhouette! We recently added a big batch of new cutout silhouettes so you can avoid decision paralysis during your next project. The woman on the right is clearly me standing in front of my closet each morning.

cutout silhouettes

Other Benefits of Cutout Silhouettes

We highly recommend choosing cutout characters who will resonate with your learners—that’s why we constantly add more ethnicities, ages, and attire styles to the Cutout People Library. But sometimes you don’t know the exact learner demographics you’re developing content for or you don’t want to accidentally leave anyone out. Using a cutout silhouette gives your learners the freedom to imagine anyone they want as the character.

You can also do some cool stuff graphically with cutout silhouettes. Our Senior Product Manager, Chris Willis, said the new cutout silhouettes made her “want to build a whole course in 80s Neon style with deep purple silhouette people—like a funky black light disco training dance party!” I don’t know about you, but I would definitely attend a black light disco training party.

Take a look at the new cutout silhouettes and share your ideas for using them in the comments below!


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