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Storyline Scenario

When logging onto the Internet, you may wonder where all the data you’re getting is coming from. I mean, it’s on the Internet, and you can see it on your device, but where exactly does that information live? In most situations, the data lives in a big air-conditioned room full of huge computers called “servers.” When you log onto a website, you are essentially connecting your device to whatever server that website is using and browsing the files they have allowed you to see.

As you can probably imagine, such a facility requires upkeep. Well-kept server rooms are supervised and serviced by brainy computer whizzes, trained to keep things running smoothly without compromising the precious data in their systems.

Such a room provides the backdrop for today’s Storyline scenario template: Server Room.
Screenshot 2015-11-17 09.57.32

Two server room technicians discuss the day’s work and prepare to service the data center. They’ll need to figure out which servers need to be looked at and prioritize any problems that need to be solved and then get to work.

Become a part of the discussion, and give your own two cents in their discussion in this branching scenario. Navigate your way through the questions and decisions, each of which include remediation or a recap of the choices you made.

Screenshot 2015-11-17 09.57.48

This Storyline template works great for training in the computer industry, giving learners a taste of the technical side of things while allowing them to exercise their problem solving skills.

Screenshot 2015-11-17 09.58.11

How would you implement this scenario into your eLearning courses? Share ideas in the comments.

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