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What do you get when you cross an awesome Articulate Storyline template with another Storyline template? And some cutout characters? And sound effects? Maybe throw a game in there, too?  You get our Storyline Mini-pack!

Articulate Storyline Mini Pack

Feast your eyes on the culmination of a handful of our favorite eLearning assets, all together in one Articulate Storyline course starter. With modern silvers and greens, interspersed with professional-looking cutout characters and more, our Mini-pack is an elegant looking course, ready-made for you to simply fill in the details.

Let’s take a look at what’s inside.

Mountain Summit

 Mountain Summit  Storyline Game

A standard quiz game, but with serious altitude. Answer multiple choice, multiple response, or true/false questions one by one. Each correct answer gets you that much closer the top of an imposing mountain. Lace up your hiking boots, bundle up, and get climbing!

Tabs Left Interaction

Tabs Left  Storyline Interaction

Simple and elegant, this tabbed interaction allows you to view multiple slides of information all in one handy module. Click each blue tab to see the corresponding text appear in the white box at the right.

Bar Graph

Bar Graph  Storyline Interaction

Graphs and raw data don’t always speak for themselves. This interactive bar graph allows the learner to click each bar for a brief explanation of the data in question, each presented with a different cutout character to provide a more human touch to things.

Pop Banner Layout

Storyline Layouts  Pop Banner Style

The Pop Banner layout is what gives this mini-pack the professional look it has. With the colors of a pinstripe tuxedo juxtaposed with the green of that good ol’ moola, good luck not feeling like a billionaire while looking at it.

Cutout Character – Kylie


1766-web-Kylie (1)

As you can see by her pleasant demeanor, Kylie is just A-Okay with being included in this template. Not only is she professional and ready to get to work, but she’s also approachable and friendly.

Cutout Character – Steve

3157-web-Steve (1)

Steve is the man with the plan. His fine-tailored suit and palpable maturity speak volumes base just on appearance alone. You can tell he’s been in the business for years and has the experience this company needs for success.

Applause Sound Effect


To end on a high note, let’s have the sound of a roaring applause. Literally! This sound file is perfect for remediation slides. Every correct answer can become a major event, allowing the learner to take a bow for their time!

You can find these and many more in our Articulate Storyline asset library. Have a look at them today and build an excellent course today!

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