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At DevLearn 2017, eLearning Brothers Executive Director Bill West talked to the legendary Dr. Michael Allen about the insights he’s had since publishing his first “Guide to e-Learning,” and the simplifying concepts and procedures he’s included in his second edition.

The changing state of the eLearning industry offers new opportunities but also poses new challenges. In your role, you may want to apply the latest technologies and techniques—gaming, social, adaptive learning, microlearning, and search engine technologies, among others—but find yourself consumed by merely keeping up with basic course development requirements.

In this session, Bill West and Dr. Michael Allen talked about these changes and how the last edition of “A Guide to eLearning” uncovers the secrets to creating truly inspiring eLearning and prepares you to adopt the existing new innovations. They explore case studies of where they have been successful, techniques you can use to safely and successfully apply new innovations and, finally, how to change your approach to instructional design.


You can view all of the stage presentations here.

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