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When we set out to transform the eLearning world with eye-catching templates and awesome interactions, we knew we’d want to be constantly adding to our Template Library and ensuring that our Rockstar family always has new and awesome templates to work with.

We recently introduced two new Styles and shared a little bit about how we’re designing templates to be more cohesive moving forward. Today I want to give you a sneak peek of a few more new Styles that we are working on right now.

These are all currently in development, so you can expect tweaks to be made here and there before we officially launch these in the Template Library, but this will give you a pretty good idea of what to look forward to!

80s Neon

80s fashion made a bit of a comeback a while ago—which I’ll admit was not great, but what is great are the colors in this Style. The 80s Neon Style is unapologetically bold and attention-grabbing. Neon accent colors jump off the dark background and let your learners know this isn’t another stuffy eLearning course.

80s neon style

I have to give props to our amazing graphic designers here at eLearning Brothers because an eLearning template with an 80s color scheme could easily have gone so wrong, but this one is so so right.

80s neon style

These are just a few examples of the different layouts and interactions that you’ll find in the 80s Neon Style.

80s neon style


Next up we have Campfire. I’m excited about this one because it combines the best things about nature—serene landscapes and relaxation—while skipping the worst thing about nature—BUGS. Shades of orange, gold, blue, and green give this Style a bit of a nostalgic Cub Scout vibe. It’s a great way to establish a positive emotional connection with your learner. I think this would work really well for an interactive course with some sort of exploration or quest storytelling arc.

campfire style 3

The lines on the background in the example below add visual interest and bring to mind maps or trails, reinforcing the outdoorsy feel without making the layout too cluttered.
campfire style 1

This drag & drop layout really brings to mind that campfire glow. Time to break out the marshmallows!

camp firestyle 2


We know that sometimes the course content or your client may require a more formal-looking approach than 80s Neon or Campfire, and that’s what makes these next two Styles so great. They’re clean and professional without making your course look outdated or boring.

Cobalt handles a large amount of text like a champ in this click to reveal interaction:

cobalt style

Every Style includes 10 click to reveals (like the one above) and six drag & drops. Here’s one of the drag & drop interactions from Cobalt:

cobalt style 2

Jet Black

Another very professional Style, Jet Black is crisp and refined, with accent colors used sparingly for maximum impact.

jet black style 2

Like all our Styles, this one will feature 31 different layouts and interactions. Here’s an example of a branching scenario from the Jet Black Style. Branching scenarios are always a great choice for eLearning.

jet black style

Our designers are hard at work giving these new Styles their finishing touches. We’re looking forward to launching them in the Template Library so you can start using them! Which Style are you most excited about? Let us know in the comments below.

Check out the Styles already in the Template Library now:



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