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Spread the eLearning Love With These Templates Blog Header

It’s February, which means…THAT holiday is coming up. You know the one. You either love it or you hate it or you’re just waiting for it to be over so you can buy all the discounted candy at Walgreens.

Never one to shy away from a cheesy theme, I’ve picked out a few templates from the eLearning Brothers Template Library that are perfect for sharing your love (of eLearning).

Behold, our dreamiest of layouts—Cloudspace. And you thought I was going to be obvious and pick all the red templates!

cloudspace title

Cloudspace is a fun one because it could really work for a lot of different topics—atmospheric science, astronomy, aerospace engineering—and you could even delete the clouds and just keep the starry background for a bit of character with less of a blatant theme. The text blocks and graphics are all very clean and neutral, letting you take this template any direction.

cloudspace examples

Next up is the Captivate theme, Sauve. This theme is smooth and polished, with pops of red and orange to spice it up. If this theme were a person, it would be Enrique Iglesias. Nothing will woo your learners better than the Sauve theme.

sauve layout

And since it wouldn’t be the “month of love” if you weren’t subject to at least one ad promoting diamonds, I’m going to close out with the Diamond theme. Luckily for you, this Diamond doesn’t cost an entire paycheck!

Diamond is a nice way to mix in some different colors into your next eLearning project. I love the vintage feel that the transparent text blocks create when layered over that background.

diamond title

diamond theme examples

These are just a few examples of the templates in our ever-growing Template Library. Whether you’re making a course about the origins of Cupid or compliance training for financial officers, we have a template for you. So click that big orange button right below and rediscover why eLearning Rockstars all over the world love the eLearning Brothers Template Library!


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