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As acclaimed journalist and science fiction writer Cory Doctorow once said, “Conversation is king.” Even though we’ve taken his words in a slightly different direction, we’d like to think that by that logic, our conversational scenarios have at least a little bit of royal blood in them.

Our conversational scenarios have the advantage of putting a human face on things, enacting a potentially true-to-life interpersonal situation relevant to the training topic.

Today, we’re featuring a few conversational scenario templates for Lectora that are sure to give voice to your training topics.

Copy Room


The copy room is a very utilitarian environment. A lot of the less glamorous office work takes place here, from scanning and copying to stapling and collating. It’s where ideas go to become more than just a faint glow on a computer screen but a fully substantiated document. This being the nature of the room, it only makes sense that it would be a place where other ideas come to fruition—in the form of human discussion. In this template, you can create a branching scenario between two characters coming to an agreement in the room where the ideas happen.

Computer Library 02


The fact that many public libraries have general use computers has done a great job of democratizing the convenience and power of modern technology, especially in areas where such utilities are less obtainable. Equal access to the technology that many take for granted goes a long way to somewhat even the playing field for those who could offer something great to society if only they had the means. Such an environment is ripe for discussion and makes for a great conversational scenario, to wit, our Computer Library 02 template.

Call Center


Most people with a phone have had at least a passing interaction with a telemarketer or customer service rep of some kind, and large contingent of the working population has even participated in call center work as an occupation. By their nature, these jobs are conversational and—when not handled properly—can go south. For a convincing story, use our Call Center template to create a branching scenario where the learner must answer queries from a caller appropriately to make sure the call is handled professionally.

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