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eLearning Game Template

On this day in 1961, Navy Commander Alan Bartlett Shepard Jr. became the very first American to leave the earth, spending about 15 minutes in a suborbital flight signalling to the world the birth of NASA and the United States’ entry into the space race.

To celebrate an amazing 54 years of American space exploration, we decided to honor Commander Shepard’s feat with one of our favorite Articulate Storyline game templates, Space Race.

Space Race is a flexible game template that takes the learner on an interplanetary adventure, voyaging from the clutches of the sun to the outermost reaches of the solar system.

With multiple different types of questions to ask, such as multiple choice, multiple response, or true/false, this template allows up to 20 questions. With each correct answer, the learner’s rocket ship will move forward until it has finally reached a satellite base on the edge of the solar system.

Space Race is well-suited as a review exercise at the end of a course, though in practice, it could be used wherever needed. The many different elements of the templates are easily customizable so your course matches the aesthetic and branding of your organization, allowing for a more native learning experience.


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