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Rockstar employees are ones who think creatively and generate innovative solutions to problems. With the right training and encouragement, everyone can wow with out of the box thinking. Our Creative Problem Solving Customizable Courseware works well as stand-alone training, or use it to break the ice and open minds as a kick-off for a larger workshop or retreat.

learning objectives for creative problem solving

The course starts out with a review of traditional problem-solving methods, and how creative problem solving differs. In true eLearning Brothers style, the graphics are slick and professional, but also easily customizable if you want to add your logo or brand colors.

creative problem solving steps

Learners are taken through several interactive scenarios where they can apply what they learned, culminating in a quiz at the end.

interactive scenario from creative problem solving course

Even self-professed problem solving pros will learn something new from this course, like the origins of brainstorming!

origins of brainstorming

Get your team thinking creatively today—this course is ready to download and deliver immediately. Or you can make a few tweaks to adapt it to your company branding. Either way, you’ll save tons of development time with our Customizable Courseware. Check out the whole Soft Skills Customizable Courseware library now.

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