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I’ve finally had a chance to download the free trial of Snap! by Lectora. It is basically a PowerPoint plug-in to build rapid eLearning courses. The product is going after the same space as Articulate and iSpring Presenter.

After using it to build a sample course and trying out some of our templates, I’ll have to say that it is a very nice tool. (They have a promo to get 15% off Snap!)

Snap! Overview

Here are some things that I like:

  • Inserting flash files is easy. No settings and it recognizes both as2 and as3
  • Adding a quiz and survey are both built into the software and doesn’t open an external program. It loads quickly.
  • Simple to add a YouTube video.
  • You can record live webcam video while you sync it with your slide’s animation. The video shows up in the presenter window.
  • Has some nice optimization settings in the publish window.
  • Cool full-screen button.

Overall it seems to be a tool that’s easy to use and has everything you’d need to do rapid eLearning development with PowerPoint. The thing that really stands out to me is that Snap! is only $99.

Demo Course with Our Templates

When a new tool hits the market we like to test it with our eLearning Templates. Snap demo course.


Templates for Snap!


PowerPoint template for Snap!

Games for Snap!

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