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We live in an interesting time, technologically speaking, when personal electronics are jumping the line from luxury to a near necessity. The status symbols of yesterday (smartphones, tablets, etc.) have become as common if not more so than standard desktop computers. However, the user interfaces of these omnipresent devices isn’t always intuitive. That’s why it helps to give a little hands-on instruction when showcasing and simulating your mobile eLearning. Anything that isn’t immediately apparent to a learner can easily be explained through one of our Articulate Storyline layout templates.


Storyline Layouts  Computer Laptop Style

This template roughly approximates what your material might look like on a laptop screen. There are multiple slides you can use, including those with text boxes and those with space to put a screen capture to create the illusion that you’re looking at an actual computer screen.


Storyline Layouts  Tablet Layout Style

Personal tablets are great for casual browsing. They’re usually small enough to hold like an old-fashioned paper book but with the added bonus that it could be any book you want in the same sleek package. Like the laptop template, the tablet template can also be customized with your own text and images. If you’re feeling adventurous, you might attempt to animate the included hand cutout to slide across the screen for some added realism.


Phone  Storyline Layouts

Chances are one of these are in your pocket or within close proximity. With landscape and portrait views, you can test out your mobile interfaces and give tutorials to mobile learners.

Find these and other brilliant templates in our Articulate Storyline library today!

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