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There are lots of courses out there that are basically next…next…next…next. Cathy Moore did a post awhile back about how to make linear courses more interesting.

Her basic idea is that you must MAKE them WANT to click the next button. Quick and easy tips:

– Use incomplete thoughts (entice them to click next)
– Ask good questions and then answer it on the next page
– Do a sequence
– Compare and then contrast on the next page

Kineo has also add some thoughts at Don’t Bad Mouth the Next Button:

– Ask a story and let it unfold through the pages
– Tease by saying something outrageous and then explain and put into context on the next page

Some that I thought of:

– Slide builds – I like to have an incomplete image/process on the slide and have it build over 1-5 slides. This is a good way to create sales processes, charts, and anything complex that needs to “chunked”. This can also be done by using a box to cover up parts of the slide and then the next button reveals the parts.
– Fades and transparencies – You can use the next button to draw attention. Use a fade over the main content to draw attention to an “Important” pop up message.


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