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Video is becoming easier to shoot, edit, and use in training. However, just because we have the ability to make videos doesn’t mean they are worth watching.

I ran across a nice video series on Butterscotch.com about “How do I…Shoot Better Video?“. It gives some nice tips to make our videos better.

The first two videos give a quick overview around video equipment and how to get good audio. Then the next two videos talk about getting better quality and good techniques.

Tips to Increase Quality

  • Make sure you have good lighting. You may need to purchase a small light kit.
  • White balance the camera and make sure that it is a true white.
  • Make sure the camera is focusing on the main object. Sometimes the camera focuses on the background instead.
  • Keep the camera stable. If possible use a tripod or if you’re holding the camera by hand make sure that you have nice fluid movements.


  • Shoot more footage than you think you need you’ll need. This will leave room to do transitions. Give yourself a few seconds before the action starts.
  • Shoot retakes so that you have different versions. Include different angels in the retakes.
  • Get some “b-roll” of things that you can use to cover up editing mistake and cuts. Make sure that you include some close-ups.
  • Avoid digital zoom. If needed move the camera towards the action. Digital zoom hurts the quality.

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