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One of the first things we learn in kindergarten—along with letters, numbers, and colors—is our shapes. Circles, squares, triangles, rectangles: they are all present in our everyday lives in some form or another. Not only do they appear out in the real world, but they are a crucial element of design, which means you’ll see plenty of them in an eLearning.

Today we’re taking a look at a handful of Lectora templates that showcase basic geometry and come through with stunning design.

People Viewer


People Viewer is awash with circles, and enclosed within each is a person of particular interest. By clicking one of these people and their respective circles, learners are given a closer look at the person in question, along with a brief bio.


Use this template to introduce trainees to important members of your team and provide context in the workplace. Alternatively, you can remove people altogether and replace them with graphics of tools learners will use on the job, or even abstract concepts with accompanying illustrations.

Money Carousel


Bursting with squares and quadrilaterals, Money Carousel allows you to feature a handful of images in a repeating loop, each with its own title and caption. This template is great for “show and tell,” but can also be used to introduce or recap several new concepts from your course in quick succession.

Interactive Pyramid


Our Pyramid template showcases five prominent shapes in the space of one—one large triangle, composed of a smaller triangle and three irregular trapezoids. Each of these colored shapes connects to a pop-up explanation of a certain concept when clicked.


One possible use of the Pyramid template is to explain time management skills, showing learners what they should spend most of their time doing (at the bottom of the pyramid) and what they should spend the least time doing (top of the pyramid).

Find any of these templates and more in the Lectora library. Use a template in your next Lectora project and we promise you’ll be in ship shape!

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