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Most online courses have toooooo much text. I’m a huge fan of info-graphics. Whenever I travel I like to look at the front page of USA Today. There is always an info-graphic that shares some information. It could be something about oil production and gas prices or dogs owners and where they live. The trick though is that within a few seconds I can look at the graphic and understand the concept. I don’t have to read a paragraph of text.

I know that info-graphics can take a lot of time to create but I think that we can use them more in our training content. Many learners are visual and meaningful graphics could really help transfer the concepts.

Here are some info-graphics that gave me some good ideas/inspiration:
(Use these sites as inspiration when you’re trying to figure out how to create an info-graphic.)

Google API and Developer Tools
This is a great visual and it’s interactive. Great way to present a lot of resources at once and then let the user go to specific tools.


Swine Flu Vaccination
This is a good example of walking a user through many different questions.

Twitter Users
This graphic is a bit dated but it’s a nice way to organize information.

Haiti Earthquake Donations
This is a simple graphic (just circles) that uses size to indication the amount of money. This would not be a hard concept to integrate into your next course. Any designer can draw circles.

SAP Salary Survey
Here are some simple visuals.

Apple Time-Line
Time-lines make great graphics.

LinkedIn Visual Map
I’m not sure that this gave me a great idea for my next eLearning image but I thought it was pretty cool. You can visualize all of your LinkedIn connections and how they are related. You can click on each person and it will show your shared connections.

Hopefully these gave you a few thoughts for your next course.

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