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eLearning Templates

New eLearning Templates recently launched. 
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Last month was madness! Tons of premium templates were uploaded to the eLearning Template Library including games, interactions, conversational scenarios, skins, layouts, and more. Check out this month of eLearning Templates that will take your eLearning to the next level.

storylineArticulate Storyline Templates

storyline_game_popular_choice storyline_starters_crosstrain storyline_starters_mountain_ascent
storyline_skin_crosstrain storyline_skin_mountain_ascent storyline_skin_safety
storyline_interaction_money_drop storyline_interaction_money_tabs storyline page layout
storyline interaction storyline interactions storyline interaction
storyline scenarios

captivateAdobe Captivate Templates

captivate_game_race_for_the_Treasure captivate_interaction_money_tabs captivate_layout_mountain_ascent
captivate interaction captivate interaction captivate course starter
captivate interactions

lectoraLectora Templates

lectora_scenario_mountain_ascent lectora_interaction_money_tab lectora_interaction_white_tabs
lectora_interaction_money_carousel lectora page layout lectora skin
lectora interaction lectora interation lector interaction
lectora interaction lectora skin lectora skin

powerpointPowerPoint Templates (iSpringSnapArticulate PresenterAdobe Presenter)

powerpoint course starter powerpoint layouts

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